Geriatric Mental Health Policy and Practice


  • Advocate for Older Adults With Mental Illness   (2017)   view

Age-Friendly Communities

  • Age-Friendly Communities--Guide for Planners (2010)   view
  • Preparing Communities for the Elder Boom (2009)   view

Aging Well

  • Moral Obligations in Old Age (2016)   view
  • Being Great In Old Age (2015)  view
  • Not Such A Grumpy Old Man: Review of Essays After Eighty (2015)   view
  • Doctors Can Promote Successful Aging (2015)  view
  • Aging Well Is Not An Oxymoron (2015)   view
  • Successful Aging: The Challenge of Regret and Guilt (2014)  view
  • Sucessesful Aging Fortunately Is Subjective (2014)   view
  • Integrated Treatment for Subjective Aging (2014)   View
  • There Is Life After 70: A Review of Last Vegas (2013)   view
  • Feel Good About Being Old: See Red 2 (2013) view
  • The Other Side of the World: A Book Reveiw (2012)   view
  • Psychologically Ready To Be Old (2011)   view
  • Creating and Helping: Key To Aging Well (2011)   view
  • Challenge Can Be Met (2011)   view
  • Facing Mortality (2011)   view
  • Mental Health Is The Essence of Aging Well (2008)   view


  • Identifying and Treating Anxiety Disorders in Old Age (2012)   view

Being Very Old

  • Not Sure I Want To Be 100 (2016) View

Behavioral Challenges

  • Behavioral Health Challenges in Home Care (2010)  view
  • Paranoia is a Barrier to Aging in the Community (2010)   view


  • My Aunt and Me (2008)   view
  • Our Debt to Family Caregivers (2010)   view

Creativity in Old Age

  • Creative Art and Aging Well (2016)   view
  • Creative Art and Well-Being in Old Age (2015)  view
  • Do Art (2015)   view

Death and Dying

  • Being My Mother's Health Care Proxy (2016)   view
  • Noteworthy Deaths (2016)   view
  • We Are Not Ready: On Gawande's Being Mortal (2014)  view


  • No Way To Know: A Meditation (2013) view pdf
  • Music and Living with Dementia (2012)   view pdf
  • Draft National Alzheimer's Plan Is Disappointing (2012)   view pdf
  • Address Mental Health Needs of People with Dementia: MH News (2012)   view pdf
  • Meet The Mental Health Needs of People With Dementia (2012)   view pdf
  • Antidepressants For People With Dementia? (2011)   view
  • Dealing With Anger In A Person With Dementia (2011)   view
  • When A Loved One Is Lost In Time (2011)   view
  • Caregivers:Meaningful Relationships Despite Memory Loss (2011)   view
  • Don't Blame Dementia (2011)    view pdf
  • Life After Dementia (2011)   view
  • Conversation When Memory Fades (2011)   view
  • Cognitive Camouflage (2009)   view


  • Behavioral Activation Therapy for Depression (2013) view
  • Overcoming Unhappiness in Residential Settings (2012)   view
  • Considerations Re. Using Antidepressants (2011)   view
  • Antidepressants: Risks for Elderly (2011)   view
  • Aging Well: Depression Can Be Overcome (2011)   view
  • Aging Well: The Dangers of Depression (2011)  view


  • Wheelchairs Can Set You Free: If You Use Them (2013)   view


  • Ageism During Disasters (2011)   view
  • Case Management for Older Persons in Disasters (2010)   view


  • Elder Abuse: Challenges To The Mental Health System (2017)   view
  • Be On The Lookout for Elder Abuse (2014)  view

Elder Boom

  • Meeting the MH Challenges of the Elder Boom: Book Chapter (2016)   view
  • Meeting the MH Challenges of the Elder Boom: Book Chapter (2012)    view
  • Meeting the MH Challenges of the Elder Boom: Blog Post (2011)   view

Elder Law

  • Meeting the MH Challenges of the Elder Boom for Lawyers (2007) view


  • High Occurence of Mood and Anxiety Disorders Among Older Adults (2010)   view pdf

Geriatric MH Finance

  • There Could be more Money for Geriatric Mental Health (2007)   view

Geriatric MH Act

  • Promise of Geriatric Mental health in New York State (2006)    view

Generational Competence

  • A Behavioral Health Workforce for an Aging America (2016)  View
  • Generational Competence: A New Conceptual Framework (2011)   view

Healthcare Reform

  • Medicaid Redesign: Impact on Older Adults (2014)   view
  • ACA Could Benefit Elders With MI (2012)   view


  • Housing For Older Adults With Psychiatric Disabilities (2014) view


  • Insomnia in Old Age (2017)   view

Integrate Physical and Mental Health

  • Treating The Individual: Advice for Physicians (Aging Well, Fall 2011)   view pdf
  • Physical and Mental Health Nexus (Aging Well, Fall 2010)   view pdf

Long-Term Care

  • Behavioral Health Challenges in Home  Care (2010)   view pdf
  • Mental Health, Long-Term Care Must Be Linked (2005)   view pdf
  • Recovery in Long-Term Care (2009)   view pdf
  • Mental Health Key to Long-Term Care (A Report) (2008)   view pdf
  • Behavioral Health and Long-Term Care (2009)   view pdf


  • Medicare Could Be Worse (2005)   view pdf
  • More Money For Geriatric Mental Health (2007)   view pdf


  •  Conversation When Memory Fades (2011)  view pdf

Minority Elders

  • Serving Depressed Latino Elders (2005)   view pdf


  • Paranoia is a Barrier to Aging in the Community (2010)   view pdf

Reports and Backgrounders

  • Aging People with Serious, Long-Term Psyhchiatric Disabilities (2006)   view pdf
  • Barriers to Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Older Adults (2006)   view pdf
  • Briefing Book on Geriatric Mental Health (2010)   view pdf
  • Geriatric Mental Health Focus Group Findings (2006)   view pdf
  • Geriatric Mental Health Issues Brief (2008)   view pdf
  • Housing Aging People with Serious Psychiatric Disabilities (2008)   view pdf 
  • Meeting the Mental Health Challenges of the Elder Boom (2009)   view pdf
  • Mental Health Key to Long-Term Care (2008)   view pdf
  • Services for Older Adults--Chart and Glossary (2006)   view pdf
  • Workforce Development To Meet the MH Needs of Older Adults (2007)   view pdf


  • When I Grow Up: Thoughts At 70 (2013)   view pdf
  • Are You Psychologically Ready To Retire? (2011)   view pdf


  • Elder Suicide: A Public Health Challenge (2012)   view pdf

Substance Abuse

  • Old, Drinking Too Much (2015)   view pdf
  • Substance Misuse and Abuse Among Older Adults (2014) view pdf
  • Prescription Drug Abuse By Older Adults (2014)  view pdf
  • Elder Substance Abuse: Be Careful? (2011)   view pdf
  • Substance Abuse In Older Adults (2008)   view pdf 


  • Older Veterans Also Have Mental Health Needs (2012)   view pdf
  • Let's Not Forget Older Veterans (2012)   view pdf